Youth Rehabilitation

It’s a tough time to be a youth. The stress of everyday life— from peer pressure, social media and bullying, to academics, sports, family life and more—can be difficult enough to manage. When you add in addiction or a co-occurring mental health disorder, the situation can quickly spiral out of control.

Stress is something we all know, some more intimately than others. Stress, in certain quantities, is part of a normal life, however, when it gets out of control, it is something that can become vastly detrimental to a person’s health. In the case of addiction, it can fuel a person’s propensity towards drug use and abuse.

Why is this? One of the largest reasons why a person uses drugs or alcohol, to begin with, is as an attempt to self-medicate. What this means is a person who is overwhelmed with their life or a specific symptom, in this case, stress may choose to abuse a substance in the hope that it alleviates these issues. What is dangerous about this pursuit is that this is, in fact, an extremely counterproductive approach, one that can leave you in worse shape than you started with.

This is because the drugs or alcohol, due to the manner in which they change your body and brain’s chemistry, can actually exacerbate your existing stress. Or, in the instance of stress that is resultant from life circumstances—such as difficulties within a marriage or job—the substance abuse produces more tension and trouble, creating higher measures of stress and pushing you towards additional substance abuse as you attempt to cope with the harsh reality of your addiction.

Each individual is different when it comes to their needs for addiction treatment. Mindfulness and stress management programs at the offer individuals a way to look inwards and really understand what it is that drives them towards addiction and how they can overcome that stress and desire to go on to live a life free from harmful substances.

At The, we realize that youth addiction cannot be treated from a singular perspective, nor is every person who comes to us for help the same. We seek to engage our clients in a way that keeps this awareness at the forefront of their care, so that they obtain the highest measure of individualized care, granting them the strongest foundation for long-lasting success.

Our youth substance abuse treatment programs, through our youth rehabilitation center, allow young peoples to continue their studies or their job during treatment, so they can maintain grade placement and stay on the path toward success. Because, at, we don’t just want patients to graduate from our program—we want to make sure they graduate from their school, collage or their career as well.