The Angel Armies from Poland

The Philippines, Vietnam, China, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand and Myanmar (formerly Burma) is the travel “achievements” destinations of Jowita and friends, the fulfillment of their exploratory dreams. They spent a total of 3 months in Asia. Friends set off on an escapade for several months at the beginning of this year, from the beginning they also had a goal to support the local community.

The purpose of their trip was to find a place where it is more important to be and not have significant support. “You don’t have to explore America to learn the place and peoples. In other way, I found amount of them (orphand) among the children in Kyaikkami” – says Jowita Wasilewska and she add : “But its not the only. The Philippines show me how beautiful our faith, we can have it if we can interpret it well. Cambodia and Vietnam made me sensitive because of their difficult stories.

From this human sensitivity, several idea was born to help the people who live in considerable poverty. The travelers thank to the support of good people, that have made packages for several orphanages in Burma and Thailand. When they returned to Poland, the idea of ​​helping each other sat and still imprint inside them, accordings the purpose of the idea for the “Smile for Burma” project.

At the moment, travelers are organizing relief activities for children with Kyaikkas in Burma and the Pamilacan Islands in the Philippines. They also want to help complete the orphanage of the convent nuns in Kyaikkami, Burma, where they lived and taught children English. Priests of the Sercans offered their assistance in this action and now become the first joint initiative of them and Jowita Wasliewska bring up – a slideshow combined with a film show from a 3-month trip to Southeast Asia. -People who want to support the original project “Smile for Burma” will able to donate a voluntary amount into a designated can during the show. Thanks to the assistance of the Priests, all the collected funds will be transferred to the orphanage and children in Kyaikkami in Burma – explains Jowita Wasilewska.

Interesting stories from Jowita Wasilewska’s journey and the “Smile for Burma” project provided inspiration for to encourage similar programs in different member countries of families.  Congratulation Jowita.

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